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Textract SDK

Textract SDK uses screen OCR to feed your program with the text data from an existing application. It works even if this application does not support any communication API, like clipboard copy-paste or OCX/automation. Textract captures image directly from the screen and converts it to text. Windows ClearType technology is fully supported.

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Do You Need Textract SDK? Textract is for you if you confirm all assertions:

  • You develop software for MS Windows, it unites existing systems.
  • You have to read text data from a system that cannot interact with the other programs but shows all information on the screen.
  • You can use OCX/VB Control, DLL or EXE from your program
  • You need one copy or royalties are okay or you may prepay for unlimited license
  • Free 40 day trial is long enough for you to make a decision

What is the redistribution policy for Textract?


Copy the Uncopyable with Kleptomania utility. Do you know how to capture text from folder trees, file lists, database reports, messages and dialog boxes? legacy systems? Answer: Kleptomania. Based on OCR. Free to try. 5000+ registered users worldwide.

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Why Kleptomania if there is the Copy-Paste function? (because there is no Copy-Paste in many cases, look…) Isn’t it yet another screen grabber? (It grabs text not pixels) Does Kleptomania automation exist? (Only Textract SDK)

Unique screen OCR technology

The core of the Textract and Kleptomania is a proprietary screen OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine. It is specifically designed to capture the text produced by the Windows graphics system. It enjoys the benefits of being devoted to Windows: it extracts precise properties of each letter, including location, font face, style and size. No other OCR can do that.

On the other hand Taxtract and Kleptomania are flexible enough to read any human-recognizable text from the screen.