FAQ for Kleptomania

First find out the version of Kleptomania you are using in the Properties Dialog | Menu Help | About or in the online help contents. In general, if you are using Kleptomania 2.4 or older (trial or commercial), we suggest you to download new Kleptomania Trial, or to order or upgrade to Kleptomania Private/Commercial. There are many fixes and enchancements in the new version. If Kleptomania is not working properly on your system, please inform us what is wrong, and what OS you are using. Having your e-mail, we will notify you about adjusted bugs and new versions.

Kleptomania Frequently Asked Questions

Q?.. I’ve installed the new version Kleptomania and it told me my trial period had expired. I’m registered user of Kleptomania.

A!.. You need to upgrade your Commercial or Private version of Kleptomania. Contact us to get the latest upgrade policy.

Q?.. Kleptomania does not recognize umlauts, please help.

A!.. Kleptomania supports international characters (accented, umlauts). Yet if your Windows settings does not allow to find out your language, you can change KMania.Ini file [Recognition] Chars=\21-\7Fõôö¤¥¦ Specify the characters you require one by one, without spaces, after \20-\7F, like in the example (shown for Sweden). Then exit Kleptomania if it is running. Load it again and rebuild the font database. Please inform us the language you are trying to recognize and the best Chars= specification you’ve tried. Write us your experience with umlauts enabled. You can always return to default settings specifying Chars=\20-\7F and rebuilding the font database or just reinstalling the Kleptomania.

Q?.. I have a huge number of installed fonts on my system and font database building process was taking so long. How can I speed up it?

A!.. Reduce a number of fonts which indexed by Kleptomania in building process by edit KMania.Ini file: find following lines [Recognition] Include2=* remove asterisk and leave line “Include2=”. Note that this method limits a number of supported by Kleptomania fonts.

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